Ages 4-7 All Levels


Mon/Wed 4:30-5:00

The emphasis for the 4 - 7 year old age group is on introducing martial arts as a fun activity. This will lay the groundwork for an ongoing interest in being physically active. We also develop the focus necessary to do activities in a structured environment. Our lessons focus on:

Motor skills (ABCs: agility, balance, and coordination)

Listening skills and following simple rules

Developing social skills for positive interactions with peers


Ages 8-11 Beginner


Mon/Wed 5:45-6:30

The emphasis for the 8 - 11 year old age group is on introducing martial arts as a fun activity and on fostering discipline. Our lessons focus on:

Motor skills (ABCs: agility, balance, and coordination) and reaction time

Listening skills and teamwork skills

At the beginner level, we teach basic kicks and closed-hand blocks and strikes; simple reaction-based self defense; and the basics of attacking and counterattacking. Weapons training is also introduced.

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Ages 8-11 Advanced

Mon/Wed 5:00-5:45

At this level, students learn spinning kicks and high section kicks. They increase their repertoire of hand strikes and blocks to include open-handed techniques. Self defense includes more grappling and more practice in reacting to unexpected attacks. Advanced sparring concepts include clinching, ring control, and the use of turning kicks. Students gain proficiency with a number of different weapons. 


Ages 12+ All Levels


Mon/Wed 6:30-7:30

This class is geared towards young teens, with an accelerated curriculum compared to the children's classes and a greater emphasis on quickly gaining proficiency with technical skills. Self defense is a central part of the curriculum and each class includes a strength and conditioning portion to prepare students for physical demands of martial arts. Weapons skills are a focus right away.


Adults All Levels

Mon/Wed 7:30-8:30

Our adult class combines the superhero martial arts training your inner child always wanted with the  strength and conditioning that your outer adult needs! Our adult classes include all the self-defense, weapons, and kicking training that our younger students get, as well as a full body work out every class. 


Black Belt Training

Sun 11:00-12:00

After mastering the basics, our black belts get additional training to do stunts, aerial kicks, and tumbling. Students will continue to train with a number of weapons, with a focus on combining weapons techniques with kicking combinations. 


Competition Training

Sun 12:00-1:30

This class is for students who wish to spar competitively at tournaments.  Students learn the rules of Olympic style sparring (World Taekwondo) and get more practice with contact than in regular classes. They also do sparring-specific conditioning.